Cactus Plant 仙人球

- 除了紅色花那盆,在改變編織方向的時候我都用了表引短針或裡引短針
- 我將盆邊的編織方法改了用 Spike stitch,這樣子盆邊就更突出了。

This pattern gives a real looking cactus which I like very much.   I have slightly modified the pattern as follows:
- used FPSC or BPSC whenever there is change in crochet direction (except the one with red flower)
- when making the rim of the pots, I have used spike stitch instead (I have combined spike st with sc, hdc and linked dc for the 3 different pot I have made).

英文圖樣(Pattern in English):http://elfluvsdwarf.blogspot.com/2010/07/crochet-cactus-garden-free-pattern.html